Are Sports Betting Sites Legal?

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Have you been interested in betting on sports online? If so, you probably are wondering – are sports betting sites legal? There is no short answer for this. This is because sports betting laws can be complex and even confusing. Each country has its own laws regarding this topic. Even with the laws, they aren’t extremely clear on the legality or illegality of online sports betting. However, there are some ways to better understand the laws and language used in regard to online sports betting.

United States Laws Regarding Sports Betting

When it comes to online sports betting in the United States, there are 2 different federal legislation pieces that apply. The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 and The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

To better understand the legality of sports betting in the United States, you need to understand these laws.

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 states that it is not legal to place or get wagers for sporting events with wire communication. This means by telephone. However, this also means the internet, in this day and age. With this being said, the law specifically states it is illegal for those engaging in sports betting as a business. If individuals bet on sports, without claiming themselves as a business, it is fair game.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was meant for protecting sports from gambling. The purpose was to ban all sports betting throughout the nation. Again, this act doesn’t target individual people who want to bet on sports. Even with this law, Nevada is exempt, as they have sports betting legislation set in place. In addition, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware are also exempt from this act.

If you live in any other country, you will have to check the laws for your specific area.

Legality of Sports Betting Online in the United States

At the time the above acts were created, there were no online sports. Initially, it was claimed by the Department of Justice that any type of gambling would fall into the Interstate Wire Act of 1961. However, during 2011, the stance was changed. At that time, the act was only to include forms of sports betting. Now, this is where the tables turn. The act makes it illegal to operate sports betting sites as a business but not illegal to use them.

Many people believe that the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, passed during 2006, made it illegal to participate in or place bets online for sports. This is not true. This act makes it illegal for an organization to prompt financial transactions in relation to any gambling done online. So, people can still place bets online, as long as they are not in the “business” of doing so. If it is for recreation there is no law against it.

Now you know that there are no federal laws that will prohibit you from placing bets on sporting events online. You are free to make any bets for sporting events online without the fear of getting prosecuted for doing so.

Betting Online Safely

With all of the information above, you now know that you can engage in sports betting online as long as you don’t do so as a business. However, there are many sports betting sites online and you want to engage in the ones that are safe and that operate in legal ways. You should participate in sports betting sites that are based in an area that is legal for them to operate out of.

Many people want to use sportsbook ag. However, you may want to know – is sportsbook ag legit? This depends on where you are using the site.

First, it might be best to know a bit more about sportsbook ag. This platform has complete gambling options including horse racing, sporting events, an online casino, and poker rooms. The account that you have through sportsbook can be transferred to any sector and you aren’t required to download anything.

Some people have stated that it takes 3 months or more for them to pay their players. During that time frame, they continue to collect bets and deposits from new members. In addition, most players on this site have stated that the customer service is not great at all. High rollers generally won’t use this site as sportsbook ag doesn’t have the highest limits.

However, there are other people who have stated that this is a great platform to place bets on. Sportsbooks ag often has sign up bonuses, flexible withdrawal and deposit limits, a wide range of sporting events to bet on, and mobile betting, as well. In addition, this platform has continued to grow and adapt with the developing aspects of online sports betting.

If you have been wondering whether sportsbook ag is legit, now you have a better idea. For high rollers, this platform is not the place to be. However, for all other sports betting sportsbook ag may be what you are looking for.


Many people enjoy betting on sports. You may like betting on football, basketball, baseball, handball, horse racing, or other sports. Maybe you like betting on all of these things. If so, you may be wondering are sports betting sites legal. While this does depend a bit on where you live, for the most part, as long as you aren’t in the “business” of betting on sports, it is legal. If you are just an individual who is placing bets on sporting events for recreational purposes or as a hobby, you should be just fine.

Throughout the years, there have been some sports betting sites that have been shut down. However, there haven’t been any people who just bet on sports online for fun that have gotten in trouble. If you have been looking into various sportsbooks and came across sportsbook ag, this platform may be something that you want to check out. Besides the slow payouts that some people have seen, there are many great things about sportsbook ag including bonuses, being able to bet on multiple sports, and flexible withdrawal and deposit limits.