Betting Strategy

The easiest way to lose money is to not have a betting strategy. Apart from successful punters, one thing is typically the betting technique that distinguishes good and experienced punters. Successful punters understand that one size is not appropriate for all sports and games and can adapt their approach to the game they play. But above all, they have a personal belief in these methods and don’t move with every suggestion. Let’s look at why betting strategies are very relevant before we delve into various betting strategies.

Why betting strategy is important:

Betting strategies are valuable to punters who are dedicated and have accepted sports betting as a business. It means that you will spend time thinking about current betting techniques and developing a correct strategy. This is important because sports betting can sometimes be unpredictable. All your strategies must, therefore, be based on value betting — identification of games where the odds showed don’t represent the likely outcome.

In the long term, you will identify certain strategies which will work best for you, fit your budget and match your appetite for risk. You will have a platform that will make betting easy and cost-effective. A specific betting strategy also separates you from others and increases your chances of winning. This is because betting companies include in their model’s popular strategies for online betting and are trying to mitigate them. Sports betting is a business, as we have mentioned; while your business is not exclusive, your only sales point or value proposition must be established.

How to develop a betting strategy?

As we discussed above, tweaking the many betting strategies available today will make a lot of sense. But how are you starting?

1. Read all existing betting strategies in research and patiently. Our website covers many general wagering strategies extensively. This research is the basis of your strategy and plans.

2. Be careful of the market for betting and your sports. The introduction of VAR in football, for example, has likely increased football sanctions. This could be a starting point for a specific strategy. See for patterns that are springing out. Make sure, however, that trends are not only seen but also supported where applicable by facts and hard data.

3. Now that the idea is formed, the next step is to look for other variables that can influence your idea. A smaller stadium will, for example, make corners simpler for teams to offer. The attacking football brand in a match cannot be preferred in a bad stadium.

4. The next move is to check and tweak after a plan has been implemented. You must test your theory/strategy with very small stakes and track your bets. Examine whether you can adjust the strategy to include overlooked variables or delete variables that do not impact the result with every result.

Betting strategies football:

An overview of the most popular betting strategies football can be found here:

Back & Lay: One of the market’s most popular policies is the Back&Lay approach. While “back” bets are the more common type of sports bets where you bet on a game/event result, “lay” bet means you bet on the same game/event outcome. What makes this strategy so interesting is that you can deal with bookmakers such as Betfair and sell it with your bets.

Double chance: Double chance wagering is an online wagering strategy that is especially interesting for non-risk wagering. In this scenario, you bet on the probability that there will be one of two cases. Because of your bet on two match results, the chances of winning the bet are improved by 33%. 

Halftime / fulltime bets: The probability is slightly higher with this betting system. You bet on both the half-time and the full-time results of a game in this scenario. We give you insights into this type of bet when it is winning and information about your chances of winning in our overview. Therefore, for this approach, we give you the best sports.

Handicap: Handicap benefits are truer when you expect a chosen person to win… and win nicely. You simply give the allegedly weaker team an advantage (handicap) and expect the favorite team. In this way, the chances to win 9.9 out of 10 games for teams are higher.

Head-to-Head bets: this strategy is embedded in the name. You support one person/team in a competition with another. This is most interesting when you bet on sports, but you can also bet on two team players and allow them to virtually step up on each other.

Hedging: Like real stock markets, by selling and buying other bets, you can hedge your bets against potential losses. Betfair is the most common bookmaker with ways to cover your bet. If you want to learn how it works and have a brief introduction and good examples, follows the link to learn more.

Multi bet: The objective of multi-bets is the addition of several single (called legs) bets to one bet, which add high combined oddity. Bear in mind that your risk of losing the bet increases with each added leg with this betting approach. Multi-bets or Multiples are most interesting with soccer bets but other sports can also benefit greatly.

Last-minute target: We describe the attractive last-minute bet strategy in this article. This strategy has gained in popularity over the last few years, particularly with games being watched and with live bets available. The higher the chances of no goal to be scored the more a game progresses. In this case, you can wager and make good profits against the current level.

Over / under: It is easy to explain this nice and simple betting strategy. If the score/points in a game were higher or lower than expected, you must figure out. Although you only wagered on the number of scored goals during a football match initially, you can now bet on virtually everything you count. That is why not only football betting but also other sports such as basketball, tennis, or any other game is available in this strategy.