Everything You Need to Know About the Partypoker App

partypoker promo
partypoker promo

If you are into playing poker and you want to do this from your mobile device, you should check out the Partypoker app. Party Poker is one of the most popular mobile poker options in the entire world. Partypoker mobile is available on tablets, smartphones, and iPhones.

History of Partypoker Android

Before playing on any poker site or poker app, it is good to know a bit about its history. Party Poker began in March of 2011. PartyGaming and Bwin merged to make Party Poker. With this being said, Party Poker was late the mobile poker game. The first android app wasn’t released until December of 2013. The partypoker ios wasn’t released until after that.

Since those have been released, Party Poker has made many app improvements.

Security of the App

No matter what type of app you download, you want to make sure it is secure. When it comes to the partypoker mobile app, your payments and account will be secure. You can play poker on this app without any worries about your information being shared with others. The entire system is fair, secure, and safe to use.

Party Poker is licensed through the Gibraltar government. It is also regulated through the Gambling Commission of Gibraltar, as well. All the games on the app have been tested to make sure they are fair and that there are random outcomes. There is a zero collusion and fraud tolerance policy with Party Poker. If there are players who engage in these types of behaviors, they will be suspended from play and their account will be closed right away.

Party Poker Games

Bwin Party software is used by Party Poker. Bwin Party has a great reputation in the gaming community. All of their software is high-quality. If this is your first time using partypoker android or partypoker ios, you will have to create an account. This can be done on a computer or on the app. The app only works on iOS devices that are 4.3 or later. It only works on android devices that are 2.1 or later.

After your account is created, you can choose from Play money, Fast Forward, or Real money gaming options. Play money is just as it sounds – you play without using or without winning real money. The Fast Forward gaming option offers you the opportunity to go to the next hand without waiting for the current hand to finish. If you fold your hand and don’t want to sit around waiting, you can use this option. This allows you to play more hands in a shorter amount of time. This gaming option is only available in lower stakes poker games. The Real money gaming options allow you to play fixed limit, pot limit hold ‘em, and no limit. Once you choose your game type, player numbers, and the stakes, you can join a game.

When you go into a game with real money, you can buy the chips that you want. After you do this, you first hand will be dealt. Now, you are in the game. You will notice that the cashier is readily available for withdrawals and deposits.

Party Poker also has sports betting and casino game options, as well. Not every poker app has these gaming options, so that is a plus for Party Poker account holders.

Party Poker Welcome Bonus

Any time you choose to join a poker site, it is nice to have a welcome bonus. If you are a new player with Party Poker, you can get a welcome bonus. This bonus will match your starting deposit, up to $40, at 100%. In order to get your bonus, you will have to get 8 times the deposit amount in points. Your bonus will get released in increments of 10%, as you reach the necessary point requirements. You will have up to 60 days to get the points needed for your full bonus. $25 is the minimum deposit amount.

You can also get qualifiers for tournaments as a new player on Party Poker.

Customer Support, Promotions, and Loyalty Rewards

As a player on Party Poker, you can get points that can be redeemed for tournament buy-ins or cash games. Your points will be immediately credited to your account.

Party Poker also has a VIP program. Your ranking in this 5-level program is dependent on the level of your points. Each member will begin in the Bronze level. As you gain more points, you will be able to move up. The Silver level requires you to have at least 400 points every month. The Gold level requires you to have at least 1,000 points every month. The Palladium level requires you to have at least 9,000 points every 3 months. The Palladium Elite level requires you to have at least 40,000 points every 3 months. If you reach any level, you will stay there for the next month or the next quarter.

If you play on Party Poker regularly, you can earn extra credits, reload bonuses, or cash bonuses. These can be used in Bingo games or in the casino. If you earn at least 5,000 points in any given month, you will get a Palladium Lounge Club invitation. This gives you the opportunity to earn more rewards, specialized invitations, and better customer service.

Some of the other promotions that you might get when using Party Poker include Under the Gun (do certain tasks and get a $1,000 freeroll invitation), Happy Hour (earn double the points on your specified game), and refer a friend (have a friend sign up and you both get a special bonus).

Make sure you are constantly checking on the app for exciting new deals, promotions, and bonuses.


Party Poker has become one of the most popular apps on android and iOS devices. If you enjoy playing poker, Bingo, or casino games, you should check into getting a Party Poker account today. There are many games you can choose from and fair outcomes, as well.